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“At last, the perfect companion book for Tim Rudman's best selling ‘Master Photographers Lith Printing Course’ is here...

...and it contains all the latest updates on both materials and new techniques, as well as the first world-wide collection of Lith printing works ever published!”

Tim Rudman's original book on Lith printing, The Master Photographer's Lith Printing Course, is still universally recognised as the number one authoritative work on the subject of Lith printing, exploring the process's unique ability to produce either strongly graphic or exquisitely delicate prints that respond beautifully to toning. Since it was first published, in 1998, the techniques revealed and explained have gone on to attract an ever growing number of followers, and Tim is largely credited with the current popularity of this creative technique.

“This new book is not an updated version of the Master Photographer's Lith Printing Course... it's a companion to it. It is also about bringing the Lith printing community together.”

Since The Master Photographer's Lith Printing Course was released, there have been significant changes and developments in the world of Lith printing - materials and techniques for 'traditional' lith printing have come and gone, and new digital methods have been introduced, which either simulate the process or in other ways further expand its creative potential. Tim's original work is still highly relevant today, but the field has moved on considerably and a vacuum has been created in the published knowledge available.

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Tim's new book, The World of Lith Printing, was conceived to be the ultimate companion to his original work by tackling these new developments and bringing the Lith printing community up to date with techniques, materials and references. This new book is not an updated version of the Master Photographers Lith Printing Course... it's a companion to it. It is also about bringing the Lith printing community together.

Recognising the fact that after information and instruction we require insight and inspiration, The World of Lith Printing includes invited portfolios by leading practitioners from around the world. They show what can be achieved by adopting their very different approaches to lith printing, both traditional and digital, as well as explaining how the various effects have been achieved.

This Guest Portfolio section is supplemented with a Gallery, which exhibits an international selection of work from professional and amateur photographers and printers. The Lith Forum that follows is a collection of tips, tricks and ideas from both guest contributors and open submissions and aims to provide an insight into the different ways that people from many countries have adapted this creative process.

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To summarise, the aims of the World of Lith Printing are:

The World of Lith Printing Contents:

  1. Foreword by Eddie Ephraums
  2. About this book
  3. An Introduction to Lith printing
  4. Papers for Lith printing
  5. Developers for Lith printing
  6. 2-bath development techniques for Lith printing
  7. Bleaching and toning in Lith printing
  8. Guest portfolio Gallery (9 international portfolios)
  9. Lith printing in the digital age
  10. Open submission Gallery, worldwide imagery in lith
  11. Lith printing key points
  12. Lith Forum (tips and ideas from around the world)
  13. Internet Lith
  14. Suppliers
  15. Glossary

The World of Lith Printing has 160 pages printed in portrait format to the size 280mm x 240mm, and will be available in 2 forms:

Contributor Details

Invited portfolios: Cece Wheeler, Christian Miller, Eddie Ephraums, Guy Glorieux, Jackie Ranken, Margaret Ball, Skip Smith, Stuart Redler, Wolfgang Moersch (printing images by: Himself, Alfred Saerchinger, Horst Wiedemann and Werner Breuhahn)

Open submission: Alexis Neel (printing images by: Dan Goldberg, Debrah McClinton and John Casado), Kathy Harcom, Susan Geen, Sandro Boege, Jordan Douglas, Marian Lohr, Jeff Novick, Anastasia Medvedeva, Anneli Lundberg, Patrik Budenz, John Bolgiano Jr, Arthur Suilin, Loris Medici, Sally Kim-Miller, Richard Clegg, Marion Davies, B. A. Bosaiya, Richard Reed, Robert J Vizzini, Philip Hunter, Roger Ryton, Vicki Reed, Mark Snowdon, Ellie Kingsbury (front cover), Ronnie Bennett, Peter Svensson, Roberto Schirdewahn, Linda Treash and Sven-Olaf Froehlich

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